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About Our Company

About Us

Huzhou Baishite Textile Technology Co., Ltd, Locating at Huanzhu Industrial zone, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China, is a professional manufacturer of oxford fabric.

About Us

Our Products

Our fabric can widely used for the luggage, bag, cases, garment, tents, sofa and advertisement and so on. Service is our focus in the whole production.

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Our Advantages

As an experienced fabric manufacturer, we can offer the most competitive price, but also can strictly control the quality and progress of the production.

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Our Products

Our Services

Free Sample

We provide free fabric samples and helping customers analysis the samples and make test samples

Individual Services

Our sales team will provide you individual services of production procession report and suggestions

Quality Control

BEST Team owns professional personnel in every precession in weaving, preminary finish, dyeing and after treatments with strict rules

Our process

Water Jet Loom

A water jet loom having means for forming a shed including heddles upon which warp yarns are mounted, a weft insertingjet for inserting weft yarns into the shed, a stainless steel reed for beating the weft yarns into the apex of the shed and meansfor supplying alkaline feed water to the weft inserting jet is disclosed.

Jigger Dyeing

It is one of the oldest dyeing machines for dyeing fabric. There are mainly two types of jigger dyeing m/c for dyeing woven fabrics. One is open jigger dyeing m/c(low temp) and another is closed jigger dyeing machine(high temp). It is usually suit for dyeing thin fabrics like TC poplin, poly/nylon taffeta, nylon twill, poly oxford, etc.

Overflow Dyeing

Overflow dyeing machine is a special form of rope like dyeing machine. The dyeing fabric is in a relaxed state, small tension, so it is soft and color uniform after dyed. The machine used for dyeing under high temp. and pressure, it is suit for dyeing synthetic fabric, warp knitted fabric, elastic fabric,etc. Like Poly Oxford, Pongee, Microfiber, Taslon, nylon/poly fabric, etc.

PU Coated

PU coated fabrics are polyurethane coated. The fabric feels full and elastic, which enhances the tensile strength and wear resistance of the fabric.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing is a method of moving a premade image from one location to another. The basic process is ink applied to a special paper surface, that surface is pressed against the printable object, heat it then applied to the newly inked area and the image becomes permanent.

Digital Printing

Digital printing refers to methods of printing from adigital-based image directly to a variety of material. It usually refers to professional printing where small-runjobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources are printed using large-format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers.

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